English Language Training Capability Launched In-House

With many English Language Training (ELT) schools suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Draken Helicopter Academy has responded to increases in customer demand by expanding its training portfolio and launching an in-house ELT service accessible to all students that are training with the academy to fly rotary-wing aircraft.

Draken Business Manager, Richard Evans said, ‘We are truly delighted that we can deliver our customers a full package for rotary-wing training. We can now offer courses ranging from academic and aviation English language for our international students, through to how to run a storeroom, and electronic warfare training for aircrew. By developing this in-house ELT capability we have extended our course portfolio along with maintaining continuity of the learning environment for our students. The length and breadth of experience and skills that we have at the academy on both the military and civilian Approved Training Organisation side is quite unique. I am very proud of the team and how we have grown over the last two years to offer a wide range of tuition that compliments the aircrew training’.

The DHA was conceived to offer a full spectrum of helicopter-related instruction, from pilot training to technical rear crewmember training, certifying engineers and familiarizing administrative staff. In addition, the academy has now broadened their portfolio to deliver an in-house English language training program and additional aviation related specialist subject courses, for a full end-to-end training pipeline.

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